Homage Paid to Shaolin Ancestors on Day of Chinese “Ghost Day”

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Lunar October 1st (Thursday, October 27, 2011) is Chinese Winter Clothing Day, for today people pay much more attention on memorizing the deceased family members and monasteries traditionally hold ancestor veneration and prayer assemblies. Same as the Tomb-sweeping Day in spring and Zhongyuan Day in autumn, they three are “Ghost Days” of the whole year.



 Morning Chanting Assembly




At 5.30 in the morning, Shaolin sangha assembled in the Mahavira Hall and commenced the ritual of worships and chantings. After the morning service, they carried food offerings, paper winter clothing and colored papers as well as firecrackers with them and filed in to Pagoda Forest, the graveyards of former Shaolin abbots and prestigious monks. 


In front of the ancestral pagodas, the sangha stood in tribute and presented the sacrifice to commemorate and worship all ancestors of Shaolin Temple.


(Photos by Shoko Ogushi)

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