German Shaolin Temple fulfills the pilgrimage to its root

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On 18 October, 2011, thirteen disciples from German Shaolin Temple, led by master Yong Chuan and travelling all the way to China, made a sacred journey to the root of Shaolin Culture.  



Ven. Shaolin Abbot Yongxin greeted these disciples in Abbot Hall and gave a talk on Shaolin history and traditions. Disciples of German Shaolin Temple were excited and motivated to personally experience the culture of Chan, Kungfu and Medicine, all precious gems of Shaolin Temple. It was also quite an experience for them to have audience with Ven. Yongxin.


"You are always welcomed to come and stay at the monastery. I hope you make progressive improvement on Chan cultivations and Kungfu practices, blend these Chan studies into your daily life," said Abbot Yongxin at the end of the talk.



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