Joy in Shaolin Temple

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 Students were having their vegetarian meals at State of Joy


 Shaolin monks teach how to Tui Na


 Students practice Kungfu inside the Shaolin Culture Experience Center


 Ven. Abbot Yongxin with Italian disciples at the Certificate Ceremony


27 Italian Shaolin Fans concluded their authentic Shaolin Culture experience right inside Shaolin Temple's newly furnished Shaolin Culture Experience Center on 13 August,2011.


"It is a great experience!" MARIA NOEMI REGALIA, Buddhist name Hengding(恒定) kept saying: "It is my dream to live inside the Temple and my dream comes to true this time. As the disciple of Shaolin Temple, I have the obligation to spread this world heritage to more westerners."

"Shaolin's life style will change my future life. Everything stopped  here, panic of the war and conflicts, horror of the starvation, struggle of the life, stress of the living. Simple and meaningful life will be my pursue," DAGNINO  NICOLA told the reporter.

"It is my great honor to meet the Abbot and got a studying diploma from the Abbot's hands", 6 year old Kouta yelled with a baby smile after the certification ceremony which usually happens when the overseas Shaolin Disciples perform what they learnt after the strict exam by the Shaolin masters.

"We will be back with more students next year!" claimed by Yanhui(延辉), Chairman of Italy shaolin Quanfa Association and the organizer of this group.


In the 10 days' Shaolin experience, these overseas Shaolin disciples not only  encountered the genuine Shaolin Tongbeiquan(a traditional fist form), but also the discipline, Buddhist ritual, meditation as well as traditional Shaolin Medicine.

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