The Learning Conference on the Construction of the Latent Risk Double Prevention System for the China Songshan Shaolin Temple

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On the morning of Nov. 25, 2020, the China Songshan Shaolin Temple organized Shaolin monks and staff to conduct the learning conference on the construction of the latent risk double prevention system, inviting Cui Zonggang, a safety engineer, to explain the importance of the construction of the double prevention system as well as how to play a specific practical role after its completion. Zhang Yiquan, deputy director general of the Dengfeng ethnic and religious affairs Bureau, attended the learning conference.

Cui Zonggang mentioned at the learning conference the construction of the latent risk double prevention system for the Shaolin Temple has been in the ending part so far. The construction of the latent risk prevention system in classification management and troubleshooting aims to control lament risk before its happening through risk pre-control and moving forward of critical pass, fundamentally seizing the initiative in preventing accidents. The first firewall of the latent risk double prevention system is management risk, systematically identifying risk and hierarchically manage risk from the source based on security risk identification and control, and reducing and banning the hidden dangers of accidents; the second firewall is hidden hazard control, investigating deficiencies, loophole and the risk control failure by means of risk investigation and management, and resolutely ridding of hidden danger before its happening.

Then Chen Songwei, chief of security and protection department of the Shaolin Temple, explained fire-fighting knowledge and the use of fire equipment to everyone to enhance awareness of fire safety in winter and improving firefighting skills.

Manager of the Shaolin Temple master Yanbin stressed that all departments concerned of the Shaolin Temple should further strengthen sense of responsibility and sense of urgency for the construction of the latent risk double prevention system, comprehensively implement entity responsibility of the institutional construction, balance promoting the double prevention system in industry and trade fields, control risk, remove hidden dangers and resolutely prevent all kinds of safety incidents happening.(Edited by Chanxin)

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