“The 2020 Henan Provincial Buddhist Dharma Discourse on the Sinicization of Buddhism” Held in Shaolin Temple

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“The 2020 Henan Provincial Buddhist Dharma Discourse on the Sinicization of Buddhism” was successfully held in the Shaolin Temple from Nov. 26 to 27. The Buddhist dharma discourse was sponsored by the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and organized by the China Songshan Shaolin Temple featuring “Compassion·Harmony·Extension”. The opening ceremony was hosted at the Meditation Hall in Shaolin Temple on the morning of Nov. 26. People attending the ceremony included Li Xianfa, deputy director general of the Henan Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, Lu Qing, general-secretary of the Party of the Department of Ethnic and Religious Affairs of Dengfeng, master Xinfang, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and abbot of the Dingguo Temple in Xinxiang city, Shao Jun, president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province, master Yanbin, manager of the Shaolin Temple, 22 competitors participating in the Buddhist dharma discourse as well as some masters from Shaolin Temple. 

At the opening ceremony, deputy director general Li Xianfa extended his warm congratulations on the holding of the Buddhist dharma discourse, and put some suggestions for how to further promote the Buddhist dharma discourse: “Firstly, insisting the sinicization of Buddhism means the Buddhist circle’s conscious recognition politically, conscious fusion culturally, conscious adaptation socially, keeping pace with social development and the times, working together in the same direction, and being of one heart and one mind with the Party and the government; secondly, promote patriotism; thirdly, carry forward right view and awareness; fourthly, actively create a talent highland, and boost the talent team construction of our province through the Buddhist dharma discourse.

Secretary Lu Qing noted in his speech that Shaolin Temple greatly contributes to the heritage and development of the Central Plain’s Buddhist culture and excellent traditional Chinese culture. Its was hoped that the Shaolin Temple could continue making efforts to extend, explore and stick to the fine tradition of loving both motherland and religion, adhere to the direction of the sinicization, pass positive Buddhist energy to the society, and make new and greater contributions to the development of local economy and society as well as international exchanges of Buddhist culture of our province.

Master Xinfang expressed his warm welcome and sincere appreciation to the leaders and masters present in the event on behalf of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province. He said on the one hand the Buddhist dharma discourse aims to inherit the Buddhist dharma with a history of thousands of years; on the other hand actively fulfill the sinicization of Buddhism and adhere to Buddhism can be in conformity with the socialist society in China. For this purpose, he put forward some suggestions for the Buddhist dharma discourse: “Firstly, actively carry forward patriotism; secondly, promote Buddhist self-construction through the dharma discourse activities; thirdly, continue spotting and cultivating excellent talents in Buddhism through the dharma discourse; fourthly, boost the development of Buddhism through the Buddhist dharma discourse.

The opening ceremony was completed successfully with warm applause and the Buddhist dharma discourse formally started.

22 dharma masters from all over the country mounted the platform for the Buddhist dharma discourse. Dharma masters, full of impressive and dignified manner, explained their profound cognition and enlightenment for Buddhism in a simple way. In the audience, the judges targeted to comment on each master. The whole venue was immersed in the sound of chanting.

The event was completed successfully through the Buddhist dharma discourse for one day and a half. The closing ceremony of “the 2020 Henan Provincial Buddhist Dharna Discourse on the Sinicization of Buddhism” was held on the afternoon of 27. Master Jiecheng, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and abbot of the Nanhai Temple, announced the results of the Buddhist dharma discourse meanwhile the prizes are presented by the judges. So far, ‘the 2020 Henan Provincial Buddhist Dharma Discourse on the Sinicization of Buddhism” has been completed successfully. (Reported by Ma Ang, photographed by Liu Shengkai and edited by Kongming)

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