The Sichuan Provincial CPPCC Delegation Visits Shaolin Temple to Investigate the Construction of the Temple

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Li Changping, Vice chairman of the Sichuan provincial CPPCC, led 14 provincial CPPCC members in the religious circles (Tibetan Buddhism) visiting Shaolin Temple to investigate the construction and management of religious activity venues accompanied by He Yu, vice chairman of the ethnic and religious affairs commission of Henan provincial CPPCC, and receiving a warm welcome from Shaolin monks on Nov. 18, 2020.

The delegation arrived at the Shaolin Temple at 3 pm, watching the national intangible cultural heritage--Shaolin Kungfu, and delightedly talked with master Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple.

Abbot Yongxin introduced Shaolin Temple with a history of over 1500 years as well as make all efforts to bring Shaolin culture to the world under the leadership of the Party and government to the delegation. He talked about Shaolin Temple from relations with Tibetan Buddhism in the history to rigorous Chanqi of Qiqi this year; from Shaolin Temple and Shaolin culture’s sticking to traditions to going to the world.

The members of the delegation praised “abbot Yongxin knows Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism very well, unreservedly sharing Shaolin Temple’s past, present and future, full of Buddhist wisdom of integration, inclusion and harmony.”

Then the delegation visited the Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound accompanied by abbot Yongxin. The delegation extended their great admiration and praise for the benevolence that Shaolin Temple shoulders responsibility, carrying forward the Dharma, and bringing Shaolin Kungfu and Shaolin culture to the world in recent years. (Edited by Kongming)

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