The Group Led by Abbot Shi Yongxin Visits the Sub-Temple--Zishou Temple in Lingshi for the Work of Investigation and Guidance

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On Oct. 4, 2020, master Shi Yongxin, vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and abbot of Shaolin Temple, visited Shaolin Temple’s sub-temple--Zishou Temple in Lingshi county to investigate and guide construction work as well as COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work of the temple. Disciples of Zishou Temple warmly welcomed the visit of the group led by abbot Yongxin under the guidance of master Shi Yanbang.

Then the group led by abbot Yongxin visited the construction work of the new program in Zishou Temple with the interpretation of master Yanbang. Abbot Yongxin gave guidance and suggestions for the development and management of the temple in future, hoping to plan the further construction and management of the temple as soon as possible after visiting the project progress and situation and also know about the temple’s cultural inheritance and its surroundings. 

During the time, abbot Yongxin insisted the education of loving the motherland the religion for permanent monks of Zishou Temple, actively approved the right view and conduct. It was hoped that Zishou Temple’s monks could further improve infrastructure construction, strengthen the construction of the morality and atmosphere to serve local believers and make the temple become a pure land under support of local government. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from the Zishou Temple)

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