Shaolin Temple Hosts the Moon-Forgetting Poetry Party to Celebrate the Double Festival

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On Oct. 1, 2020, China Songshan Shaolin Temple hosted the 4th Moon-Forgetting Poetry Party to love wind and the moon and enjoy the festival with people. Bless the country for prosperity and peace, good weather for the crops and world peace.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a traditional Chinese festival, but also the birthday of moonlight Bodhisattva in Buddhism. The temple has always the fine tradition to appreciate the moon, pay a respect for the moon and read poems ode to the moon. Gongan of “Dezhi Wangyue” or getting the finger and ignoring the moon is even a story through the ages which has been widely spread until now. To welcome the double festival--the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, abbot Yongxin sighed and cherished the memory of ancient sages and respected persons and their wisdom of pointing the moon and finding the true self, calling on disciples to pay more attention to the tradition and equal attention to the cultivation and practice. Then the Moon-Forgetting Poetry Party was grandly hosted on the night of the Mid-Autumn Day, with a supreme significance.

At 7pm, Shaolin monks joyfully gathered at the Great Awakening Hall to celebrate the birthday of our country and reunion in harmony. My Chinese Heart, My People My Country and other programs expressed Shaolin people’s love and firm vow for motherland; Prelude to Water Melody·How long will the full moon appear, a night of flowers and moonlight by the spring river and other performances enhanced each other’ s beauty, which could not tell the happiness of a family union in the world. Refined scholars, permanent monks and respected persons sang excellent poems chosen from the works of the Moon-Forgetting Poem Party, loving motherland and religion as well as eulogizing the age.

At 8:30 pm, Shaolin Temple’s masters and lay Buddhists enjoyed the full moon and asked the way with an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

On the same night, Shaolin Temple’s sub-temples--Yueshan Temple in Jiaozuo city, Northern Shaolin Temple in Panshan, Tianjin province, Dingguo Temple in Anyang city, Miaoyan Temple in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, Lanruo Temple in Zhoukou city, Wangu Temple in Yongji, Shanxi province, Baitu Temple in Xuchang city, Shuiyue Temple in Xinzheng and so on also hosted the assembles for the moon worship, lamp offering ceremony and the like, to celebrate the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. (Edited by Wuxiang)

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