Shaolin Temple Hosts the Opening Ceremony of “Shaolin Image Gallery”

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On the morning of Sept. 30, 2020, the opening ceremony of the “Shaolin Image Gallery”, located in the stone tablets gallery of Shaolin Temple, was hosted successfully. Master Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, Mr. Wan Jie, president of Artron Culture Group, masters of the Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound and others attended the ceremony.

“Shaolin Image Gallery” which is jointly built by Shaolin Temple and Artron Culture Group is a modern imaging communication space, taking carrying up Shaolin culture as the starting point. Human cognitive demands for Shaolin culture are met using lighting and visual expressions through cooperation between both sides. “Shaolin Image Gallery” is not only convenient for visitors and Shaolin culture lovers to taste Shaolin culture directly, but also not to be limited by time and location, storing Shaolin image and meeting the public demand of collection and commemoration meanwhile also showcasing Shaolin Temple’s history, present and future to the public and remaining precious image data.

At the opening ceremony, abbot Yongxin said the launch of the Shaolin Image Gallery represents Shaolin culture taking modern science and technology as a carrier, and meet, guide and moralize sentient beings in the three-dimensional, fast way. In future, the “Shaolin Image Gallery” will also showcase its supreme artistic charm of Shaolin culture to people in the form of the art exhibition.

Mr. Wan Jie, president of Artron Culture Group, mentioned that Shaolin Image Gallery focuses more on cultural exchange, meets the public demand of collection and commemoration and benefits the propagation of Shaolin culture better through with people zero distance contact.

The Artron Culture Group was built in 1993 and is a comprehensive cultural industry group based on the realm of art, reaching “art serving the people” through “serving art for the people” to inherit, boost, propagate and realize artistic value, whose product and service are in dozens of countries and ares around the world. (Photographed by Yue Long and edited by Kongming)

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