The 5th Day of the Water Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Gengzi Year

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From Sept. 2 to 9, 2020 (the 15th to 22nd day of the seventh lunar month), China Songshan Shaolin Temple grandly hosted a 7-day Water Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple. On the 5th day of the dharma assembly, solving, offering sacrifice to Buddha, sending the invitation to dismount the platform and conferring precepts of the nether world were hosted at the inner shrine meanwhile worshiping to heaven at the outer shrine to respect the heaven and be kind to the nether world, save the common people and benefit all sentient beings.

At 3:30 am, solving ceremony was hosted at the inner shrine where gurus and donors burned incense and paid respect, devoutly invited Brahma and Magmatron with messengers bringing petition for mercy to separate realm to beg for pardon, hoping ghosts or fairies of six destinies releasing from sufferings, receiving sacrifice offered at the Water Land Dharma Function, listening to the dharma, vowing bodhicitta, gaining freedom from dilemma and being reborn to the pure land of Buddha.

At 5 o’ clock on the morning, in front of the altar at the Great Shrine, with the sound of reciting and bell ringing, master Yongfu guided all masters and donors as well as believers to burn incense, chanting sutra and pay respect for Buddha, with a pious heart, used various incenses, flowers, lamps, candles and delicious food to protect and uphold carefully, and pray for our country prosperous, Buddha dharma flourishing, having good weather for the crops, people living in peace and happiness and permanence of Buddhist dharma.

At 10 o’ clock in the morning, sacrifice was offered to Buddha at the inner shrine. Masters presiding over the dharma assembly burned incense and bowed in repentance in front of the shrine, with sacrifice of six sense objects offered to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, saints of ten directions and beings of six destinies. Dharma masters stroke the bell and sang the praise. All vegetarian hosts of the inner shrine as well as lay Buddhists paid respect for Buddha.

At 1 o’ clock in the evening, inviting to dismount from the platform, masters presiding over the assembly and all donors orderly walked in front of the fairy bridge, threw flowers and burned paper crane to invite all beings present, calling for fairies and souls living in the water, land and heaven as well as all livings of six destinies being delivered, came to the party from far away and enjoyed dharma food together.

At 6 o’ clock in the evening, precepts of the nether world were conferred at the inner shrine. Gurus guided donors to call for ghosts and gods from the sea, river, earthand hell came to receive precepts of the nether world, bowed in repentance of all evil karma in the past and accepted pure precepts.

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