The 3rd Day of the Water Land Dharma Function--The Inner Shrine Launched and Chanting and Bowing in Repentance and Offering Sacrifice for Buddha at the Outer Shrine

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China Songshan Shaolin Temple solemnly hosted a 7-day Water Land Dharma Function from September 2 to 9 or the 15th to 22nd day of the seventh lunar month. Drew the boundary, sent invitations at the inner shrine and bowed in repentance and chanted sutra at the outer shrine on the third day of the Water Land Dharma Function.

The Water Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Gengzi Year set the inner shrine at the Dache Hall. Vegetarian hosts invited dharma masters presiding over the ceremony guided people to draw the boundary and purify the occasion at 3 o’ clock in the morning. Three gurus who stroke the chime stone and rang the bell, held right mindfulness, together with hosts present devoutly followed masters to burn incense and pay respect for Buddha.

At 5 o’ clock on the morning, flowers, lamps and hour guard walked firstly under the clear moonlight. Dharma masters guided hosts walking around the mouth of all shrines for chanting mantra and purification and devoutly invited beings of six destinies from the dharma realm to shrines. The merits blessed prosperity of our country, good weather for the crops, social harmony, people’s health and happiness and domestic bliss.

Then the three masters guided hosts to the Gateway to chant sutra, chant sutra and invite saints, claiming the three realms to call the four classes of saints and the six realms of sentient beings attending the grand dharma assembly. 

The east order and the west order of disciples invited master Yongfu, host of the West Hall of Shaolin Temple, presiding over the assembly. Master Yongfu preached dharma and gave a dharma teaching, encouraging monks giving alms with compassion and gaining endless happiness.

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