Ven. Shaolin Abbot Invited to the European Forum Alpbach 2010

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On August 30, 2010, Ven. Shaolin Abbot participated in the European Forum Alpach 2010. His speech on “Shaolin Temple as a Catalyst to Spark off Worldwide Mutual Understanding and Dialogue” won critical applause from audiences and participants in the Alpbach Political Symposium.

Every year since 1945, the “European Forum Alpbach” has been held in the Tyrolian mountain village of Alpbach. For almost three weeks by the end of August & early September, Alpbach becomes the village of high-ranking international politicians and thinkers.  Under the theme of "Construction and Reality", the European Forum Alpach 2010 analyzes the topic from a variety of academic fields.
Ven. Abbot Yongxin joined the European Forum Alpach 2010 as a special guest and its first participant from China.  In the Alpbach Political Symposium on Geopolitical Paradigm Shifts, the abbot approached the topic from Chinese Chan philosophies, sharing his vision about the issues of human beings and challenges.
"Development and ascent to a boom cannot be achieved by resorting to being presumptuous and pushy. Rather, it is by clinging to such a line of conduct as is characterized by ‘goodwill to all those who are otherwise than in affinity with you, profound compassion for all those who are in affinity with you, and unswerving devotion to philanthropic undertaking’ that the Chinese nation can realize its development and its ascent to a boom. ” Abbot Yongxin said.
President of Austiran UNESCO Commission Eva Nowotny presided over the symposium and other speakers include vladimir Chizhov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union, Michael Haltzel, Senior Fellow of Johns Hopkins University and Werner Weidenfeld, Director of CAP – Center for Applied Policy Research, University of Munich.
The Chair and speakers applauded Shaolin’s way of spiritual harmony and praised the monastic efforts’ for world peace promotion.
In the afternoon, Ven. Abbot Yongxin had a meeting with over 30 university students from different areas of the world. He introduced the value and benefits Shaolin tradition to these students, and earnestly exhorted them to undertake responsibility and make contributions for world peace.

The participation of Ven. Shaolin Abbot was an accomplishment of the European Forum Alpbach, commented by the Forum organizers.


(Translated by Xu Huifang)


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The full text of Ven. Abbot Yongxin's Speech at the European Forum Alpbach 2010:

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