South Korean Jogye Order's Shaolin Pilgrimage

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In-San Ji-Jun, senior vice chairman of central council of Jogye Order of South Korean Buddhism paid homage to Shaolin Temple, the origin of Chan Buddhism together with 8 masters from different temples of Jogye Order on Aug21, 2010.

Shi Yongxin, Abbot of Shaolin Temple hosted Korean guests and held friendly talk in the Guest house of the temple. Ven. Yongxin explained the history of the temple especially the achievement Shaolin accomplished in the recent years as well as the Buddhist activities Shaolin sponsored this year. The abbot also highly evaluated the significance of Jogye Order in South Korean Buddhism.
Ven. In-San Ji-Jun expressed their great respect to Shaolin Temple and are deeply impressed by Shaolin's present development in the world Buddhism circle under the leadership of Abbot Yonxin. He hoped to learn the traditional Shaolin Kungfu in the future.
Shaolin is the last stop and highlight of their 5 days China Chan Buddhist Ancestral Temples Tour.



(Written by Wang Yumin)

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