Abbot Shi Yongxin Attends the Inauguration Ceremony of Confucius Statue in Thailand

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On Aug. 17, invited by Abbot of Thailand Phra Thong Temple Master Phrapromwaetee, Vice-president of Buddhist Association of China, President of Henan Buddhist Association, Abbot of Shaolin Temple Ven. Shi Yongxin attended the inauguration ceremony of bronze statue of Confucius of Trimit High School. It is the first bronze statue of Confucius casted abroad, which is for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Confucian Classroom of Trimit High School.

On the ceremony, Abbot Shi Yongxin unveiled the statue and chanted the sutra together with Abbot of Xiangguo Temple Master Xinguang, Abbot of Shuilian Temple Master Miaoxia, Abbot of Dingguo Temple Master Xinhang, and Abbot of Donglin Temple Master Yanruo, which are all in Henan Province.


After the ceremony, accompanied by Phrapromwaetee, Master Abbot Yongxin and other masters paid homage to the Golden Statue of Buddha and prayed for the people of China and Thailand.

                                                                                            (Trans. by Liu Guiping)

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