UK St. Joseph's College Shaolin Experience

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18 students from UK's St. Joseph College's Confucius's Classroom concluded their 2 days Shaolin Temple cultural experience program on July 26th, 2010.


Shaolin Temple paid lots of importance to host UK students. Shaolin Temple Abbot, Ven. Shi Yongxin sent his most favorite warrior monk Yanhao as chief instructor for English guests. Yanhao won the first place in the annual temple monk contest in 2009. The temple also gave them privilege by permitting them attending morning service and Guotang as well as meditating in the Chan Hall.


For all the students, including their Principal Mr. Kevin Dwyer, Shaolin Kungfu is their childhood dream. When their dream would come true, they could not believe the fact and acted extremely excited in the training hall of Shaolin Temple at their first Kungfu Training session on 25th of July. Before the training, Yanhao gave them a Kungfu training morality address by stating that Shaolin Kungfu is for the health of the human being not for street fight and bully the weak......Kungfu training starts from the basic punch, kick and stances. Some of the students have 6 months to 1 and half year Karate and Tae Kwon Do experience, but mostly have no such kind of experience. 40 minutes basic training made all the students sweat all over like taking Sauna. Xiaohong Quan is the easiest traditional form for the Shaolin beginners, UK students thought that it was the toughest thing of their trip, all of them felt back, legs, arms sour and exhausted. Seeing this, Yanhao taught them how to relax and loosen themselves.


Grand Shaolin Chan Music show happens every night at 8:10 in Mt. Shaoshi; St. Joseph College students were shocked mentally by the Buddhist music and the incredible Kungfu performance. One of the students told his Chinese teacher Miss Xiao Jing that he would become a Buddhist monk if he had the third chance to watch the show.


On July 26th, the students woke up at 4:30 am and arrived at Mahavira Hall of Shaolin Temple at 5:00 am. They prayed one hour with the guidance of Shaolin monk masters. Their respect to Shaolin and concentration won the approval of Shaolin masters.


Last training witnessed the students' hardworking and discipline. One student was punished by Yanhao with 10 minutes Horse Stance because of his misbehavior; 4 top students were selected by Yaohao to be the sample for all the students. The students' performance of Xiaohong Quan form won the big satisfied smile of Yanhao. Principal Mr. Kevin Dwyer and his students said that it is the high light of their 2010 China trip and they will be back to Shaolin again in the future and will support Shaolin Temple's show in UK whenever it happens.


                                                                                             (Edited by Wang Yumin)

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