Shaolin Temple and Its Sub-Temples as Well as Overseas Shaolin Cultural Centers Respond to the Call of the Country to Make Donates for Curbing the Outbreak Actively

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The novel coronavirus pandemic broke out during the 2020 Spring Festival. Shaolin monks actively respond to the call of the country to practice behind closed doors. They practice Kungfu, sit in meditation and read scriptures as well as practice morality, meditation and wisdom, implementing virus prevention efforts in daily life and practice.

To fully cooperate with virus prevention efforts, decrease staff gathering and ensure the public spend a peaceful Spring Festival, Shaolin Temple Suspends for visitors with the severe virus outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic. Besides Shaolin monks and some workers in the temple, all the others are suspended into the temple meanwhile resident monks are prohibited to go downhill.

To control and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Shaolin Temple formulated related a total of 14 measures, regulations, plans, rules and so on, including Shaolin Temple management rules during the epidemic control and prevention, epidemic disease management, the plan for rapid response to public emergencies, joint prevention and control regulations for outbreaks, reporting system for the epidemic outbreak and public emergencies and so on.

Facing a lack of some domestic medical supplies, Shaolin Temple’s abbot Yongxin calls on Shaolin disciples from across the world and overseas Shaolin cultural centers to purchase prevention and control supplies for outbreaks through legal efforts and channels, including N95 face masks, protective clothing, disposable surgical masks, protective cover, goggles and so on.

All sub-temples of Shaolin Temple and overseas Shaolin cultural centers actively make donates. Many overseas Shaolin cultural centers donated lots batches of medical supplies at home. Shaolin Temple’s sub-temple--Ciyun Temple in Gongyi organized monks and the Buddhist Association of Gongyi donated more than 40,000 yuan to disaster areas; Shaolin Temple’s sub-temple Lanruo Temple in Zhoukou donated more than 4,000 yuan and 800 face masks to the Wuhan disaster area by the Red Cross under the organization of the local religious affairs administration; Shaolin Temple’s sub-temple Shifo Temple donated or so 100,000 yuan; Kongxiang Temple in Sanmenxia, the local Buddhist association and believers donated around 100,000 yuan; at abbot Yongxin’s request, Shaolin Temple’s sub-temple Panshan Northern Shaolin Temple actively responds to the Tianjin government’s call and mobilized monks and believers to make donates for disaster areas. Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center, under the leadership of principal Yanchong, donated more than 240,000 yuan as well as medical supplies including 28,500 face masks for the domestic; British Shaolin Xiu Centre donated medical masks and other protective supplies worth more than 30,000 yuan, etc.

According to incomplete statistics, Shaolin Temple donated about 1000,000 units protective supplies and more than 170,000 yuan totaling more than 1,255,206 yuan RMB, embodying Shaolin monks’ original intention and nature of loving the country and the religion, glorifying the country and benefiting sentient beings. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from Shaolin Temple and overseas Shaolin cultural centers)

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