Shaolin Monks Offering Sacrifices to Ancestors in the Winter Clothing Festival in Jihai Year

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October 28 or the first day of the tenth lunar month is the Winter Clothing Festival. Venerable Master Yongxin all Shaolin monks to the Pagoda Forest for ancestor worship, cherishing the memory of wise men.

The Winter Clothing Festival is also called Ancestor Worship festival and a traditional day of sacrifice in China. At 5: 30am, Shaolin Sangha gathered at the Mahaviro Hall, jointly doing a morning reciting, chanting and prayer under the leadership of Venerable Master Yongxin. Then they went to Shaolin Temple’s Pagoda Forest for ancestor worship in the morning light.

In front of the Pagoda Forest, Venerable Master Yongxin accorded the tradition and Buddhist procedure to preside over the dharma assembly, chanting, offering sacrifices, burning five-color paper and sending winter clothes to express gratitude and cherish memories of founders. Abbot Yongxin together with all Shaolin monks attending the ceremony took group photos after the event. (Edited by Faxi)

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