The Gilding of Bodhisattva Statue and the “Birthday Celebration of New China and Peace Prayer” Dharma Assembly Held in Panshan Northern Shaolin Temple

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On Oct. 17, 2019, the 19th day of the ninth lunar month is the Renunciation Day of infinitely merciful Bodhisattva. On this day, Shaolin Temple’s Subsidiary--Northern Panshan Shaolin Temple hosted the grand dharma assembly for the gilding of Bodhisattva Statue and the “Birthday Celebration of New China and Peace Prayer”, chanting, praying and setting free captive animals. 

At 9am, the smoke from incense curled up at the newly-built Guanyin Hall in Northern Panshan Shaolin Temple. Bodhisattva Pilu at the Guanyin Hall is merciful and solemn. Master Yanpei, monastic manager of the Northern Pan Shaolin Temple led believers gathering at the Guanyin Hall to gild the new-offered Bodhisattva Pilu Statue. Firstly Master Yanpei introduced the Guanyin Hall’s basic situation and the origin of the new-offered Guanyin Pilu to people, giving a dharma teaching. Then people following masters to chant sutra together, praying for our country prosperity, good weather for crops and the new hall’s smooth construction as well as the present people producing wisdom and happiness and relieving from sufferings.

Masters and Believers chanted and offered sacrifice together, offering all Buddhas of ten directions after that.

In the afternoon, people set free captive animals at the side of the local reservoir, praying all sentient beings happy on the day of Buddha’s delight. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from Master Yanwan)

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