Seven-Star Mantis Quan Mr. Li Jinrong Leads Disciples Worshiping Shaolin Temple

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On October 9, 2019, more than 80 members led by Hong Kong Seven-Star Mantis Quan Mr. Li Jinrong made a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple and communicated martial arts with Kungfu monks, receiving a warm welcome from Shaolin monks.

At 9am, the group led by Mr. Li Jinrong lined up in front the Gateway shouting “I love Shaolin, I love China”, making a pilgrimage in the drizzle.

At the Mahaviro Hall, Mr. Li Jinrong led the group worshiping and asked masters to confer the Three Refuges. Shaolin Temple’s first seat Master Yongxin burned incense and presided over the dharma assembly, leading Shaolin monks inviting all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions to attend the event and teaching the Three Refuges. After the assembly, Mr. Li Jinrong led disciples worshiping Shaolin Temple’s founders of all dynasties in front of the Abbot Hall.

Then the group went to the practicing room and communicated Kungfu with Shaolin Kungfu monks. Disciples of Mr. Li Jinrong displayed the Seven-Star Mantis Quan, Wing Chun, Tai Ji and other boxing. Shaolin monks showed the Group Boxing, Xinyi Boxing, Pictographic Boxing and so on. Two sides showed what they have learned. The atmosphere was harmony and applause continued.

This time Mr. Li Jinrong led disciples from America, Britain, Germany, Hungary and other countries as well as Hong Kong and Macao making a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple to mark the 100th anniversary of Master Luo Guangyu spreading Seven-Star Mantis Quan to the southern area. Then the group will visit Kaifeng, Chenjiagou Village and other places to exchange and study. (Edited by Yue Long and Zhao Yongjie)

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