Students of Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center Making a Pilgrimage

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On September 7, 2019, under the leadership of master Yanchong, a total of 36 students of Toronto Shaolin Cultural Center made a pilgrimage to the ancestral monastery of Chan Buddhism, reporting learning situations to Abbot Yongxin and receiving a warm welcome from Shaolin monks.

At 9 am, members of the cultural center lined up to invite Venerable Yongxin in front of the Abbot Hall, performing Dahong Boxing, Xiaohong Boxing, Ba Duan Jin and other traditional routines of Shaolin Kungfu. Venerable Yongxin appreciated practicing Shaolin Kungfu could lift students’ spirits, hoping students could stick to long practice and gain physical and mental health.

Students participating in the pilgrimage journey mainly come from Toronto, Canada. Toronto Shaolin cultural center has taught authentic Shaolin Kungfu and Shaolin Regimen, guided students in meditation practice, cultivated more than 5000 overseas Shaolin disciples and organized pilgrimage journeys for many times since 2007. 

In the next five days, students will follow Shaolin Kungfu monks to study Shaolin Kungfu, enter Meditation Hall to practice Chan together with monks, feel the cultural atmosphere in personnel and know about their own imperfections in usual practice. See real Kungfu, effort and no slack. (Edited by Yue Long)

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