A Delegation of Japanese College Students of Boxing from Shorinji Kempo Visiting Shaolin Temple

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On August 28, 2019, under the leadership of Ms. Zong Yougui of Shorinji Kempo Group, more than 120 college students of boxing from Shorinji Kempo visited Shaolin Temple, knowing about its history and enjoying Shaolin Kungfu. The visit for a total of 120 youth scholars from different colleges in Japan added a wonderful stroke for friendly non-government exchanges between Shaolin Temple and Japan.

Venerable Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, led Shaolin monks to the Gateway to welcome the visiting mission at 8:30 am. The members came from different Japanese colleges or universities while belonging to the Shorinji Kempo Group. As the old friend, Shaolin Temple and the Shorinji Kempo Group have been continually launching exchange activities since 1980s. The Shorinji Kempo Group is insisting the restoration and construction of Shaolin Temple for a long time. The film Shaolin Temple 82 edition’s release in Japan also got the support and help from Shorinji Kempo Group. 

After taking the group photo at the Gateway, Abbot Yongxin led students to visit Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound, explaining Shaolin culture and history to students. In the Pagoda Forest, students showed their respect and polished the Zong Daochen Da He Shang Guishan Jinian Bei set up by Zong Daochen in 1980 (a monument established by Venerable Zong Daochen making a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple), recalling the profound friendship of Shorinji Kempo Group and Shaolin Temple. In the Drum Tower, students heard Abbot Yongxin told the architectural history that Shorinji Kempo Group supported the Drum Tower’s restoration of Shaolin Temple, praying for the friendship between China and Japan. In addition, students also visited the Lixue Pavilion, West Saint Hall, Baiyi Hall, Dizang Hall and other buildings. They were impressed by Shaolin Temple’s weight of history, splendid culture and excellent art. At 9am, Shaolin Kungfu monks’ wonderful performance for the visiting students in front of the Abbot Hall prompted a round of applause on site.

At the Abbot Hall, Ms. Zong Yougui, on behalf of the delegation, presented the Puti Damo Songshan Shiji Daguan (Chinese: 《菩提达摩嵩山史绩大观》)in Zhaohe period (1926-1989), publishing Shaolin Temple’s precious historical pictures before Shi Yousan set fire to Shaolin Temple. Abbot Yongxin accepted the gift and presented gifts in return.

Before parting, the visiting mission went to the Pagoda Forest, visiting the cherry tree planted when the Shorinji Kempo Group made a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple for the 40th anniversary, and wishing friendship evergreen between China and Japan. (Edited by Master Yanyang and Yue Long)

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