Buddha’s Joyful Day: Shaolin Temple Holds the Ullambana Festival Successfully

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On August 15 or the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, Shaolin Temple hosted the Ullambana festival celebration while its merits were dedicated to all sentient beings’ parents for fitness and prolongation of life. The assembly was presided over by Venerable Yongxin. Shaolin monks and lay Buddhists totaling over 200 attended the event.

At 9 am, Shaolin monks gathered together and lined up at the Mahaviro Hall. Monks present chanted Praise to Buddhas. Venerable Yongxin clasped hands for prayer after burning incense and worshiping Buddha. Then all Shaolin monks chanted sutra together to dedicate all merits to all sentient beings’ relevant relatives, karmic creditors, infant spirits, realities of ten directions, wandering ghosts and so on, praying for prosperity of the nation and flourishing in Buddhism.

The 15th day of the seventh lunar month is a day that monks came to meet and report achievements of practice to Buddha through the 3-month summer retreat. Buddha felt joyful after hearing disciples progressed in practice. So the day is called “Buddha’s Joyful Day”. monks offering sacrifice to Buddha can gain boundless merits. 

Shaolin Temple’s subsidiaries--Panshan Northern Shaolin Temple in Tianjin, Jiaozuo Yueshan Temple, Miao Yan Chan Temple in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, Longhua Temple and Baitu Temple in Xuchang as well as overseas Shaolin cultural centers solemnly held the Ullambana Festival celebration. The merits of the event were dedicated to all sentient beings releasing from suffering.

Shaolin's sub-temple: Panshan Northern Shaolin Temple, Tianjin

Shaolin's sub-temple: Jiaozuo Yueshan Temple

Shaolin's sub-temple: Miao Yan Chan Temple, Taizhou, Zhejiang province

Shaolin's sub-temple: Xuchang Longhua Temple

The reason why Ullabana Festival spread up to now, winning great popularity, lies in its spirit of repaying filial piety, which is related with a disciple, Moggallana. He had set the ullambana offering monks of ten directions this day, dedicating merits to his deceased mother, which is the story Mulian (Moggallana) saving his mother. To carry forward the fine tradition of Buddhist benevolence and gratitude, Buddhists accord Buddhist rules to host the Ullambana Festival on 15th day of the seventh lunar month each year, dedicating merits to parents for disaster elimination and life extension as well as sentient beings leaving the evil realm. (Edited by Master Yanyang, Zhang Hailong and Zou Xiang)

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