UK Shaolin Xiu Centre Holds Ullambana Festival Showing Gratitude to Filial Piety

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On August 11, 2019, from 10am to 4:30pm, UK Shaolin Xiu Centre successfully held the Ullambana Festival showing gratitude to filial piety whose contents covered prayer, chanting sutra, delivering and so on totaling over 500 people attending. Masters presiding over the assembly including: Master Jingtong and Master Guangshi from the UK Medicine Guru Buddha Temple, Sangha Maha and Master Sumedha from Birmingham Buddhist Temple in Britain, Master Huihua from London, and Master Yanxiu, head of UK Shaolin Xiu Centre.

The 15th day of the seventh lunar month each year is called the Ullambana Festival or Ghost Festival. The day is Buddhists’ summer retreat time. The dharma assembly dedicated merits of chanting sutra and holding mantras and paying respect to the Triple Gems to parents for health-preserving and extensive life, praying for excusing from death and being reborn in the Western Pure Land of all sentient beings.

After the event, students of UK Shaolin Xiu Centre and masters presiding the assembly had a vegetarian meal together, merits of which were dedicated to all sentient beings. (Edited by Zou Xiang and pictures from UK Shaolin Xiu Centre)

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