Shaolin Temple Taking Two Grand Prizes in the 13th China Brand Festival

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From August 7 to 9, 2019, the 13th China Brand Festival featuring the “link, change and innovation” in 2019 was grandly held in Beijing. Ten former politicians and leaders from Countries along the Belt and Road initiative in Europe, Africa, North America and South America, ten ambassadors to foreign countries of China as well as government leaders, entrepreneurs, brand managers, experts, scholars and others, in total, over one thousand people attended the event. China Songshan Shaolin Temple was invited to participate in the 13th China Brand Festival, winning two awards including the “China Spectrum Award─mature and stable Chinese power” and “Top 70 Chinese brands for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC”. This is the forth time Shaolin Temple won major awards in the China Brand Festival.

The thousand-year monastery and Buddhist relics: the smallest may hold the largest

China Brand Festival has been held 12 times successively so far since its first held in 2007. The event is a comprehensive communication platform for the publicity and exhibition of Chinese domestic auto brands, which is high standards, large scale and rather influential. As a platform for exchange and cooperation of Chinese domestic auto brands, China Brand Festival has been working on promoting industrial production and internationalization of Chinese brands, is honored as the Olympics of brand industry, and an annual brand business model best representing national image of China. “Top 70 Chinese brands for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC” is to pay respect for the birthday of our country, and a great review of achievements of Chinese brand building.

The brand union praised Chinese excellent brands in the grand event. Monastic manager of Shaolin Temple Master Yanchong, head of Sutra-Keeping Pavilion Master Yanzhi and manager of Shaolin Intangible Assets Management Co Ltd Yuan Mingzhu attended the award ceremony of the 2009 China Brand Festival, receiving the two certificates of honour under the commission of Abbot Shi Yongxin.

Award words for Shaolin Temple, the “China Spectrum Award─mature and stable Chinese power”, said: the thousand-year monastery and Buddhist relics, the smallest may hold the largest. Monastic manager of Shaolin Temple Master Yanchong delivered a speech on behalf of Shaolin Temple: “The award is the encouragement and support for the Chinese intangible cultural heritage’s inheritor that has pass over 1500 years, is full of energy and goes to the world. Be thankful to motherland, reform and opening up and everyone.”

When he accepted the award of the “Top 70 Chinese brands for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC”, Master Yanzhi, head of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion in Shaolin Temple, delivered the acceptance speech: “Shaolin Temple is China’s Shaolin Temple and also the World’s one. We will spread Shaolin Temple’s healthy lifestyle and Shaolin culture around the world, benefiting more people.”

Inherit and exploration: Shaolin Temple wins the China Spectrum Award four times 

The ancestral monastery of Chan sect─Shaolin Temple has won the “China Spectrum Award” four times “Since the “global business card for China”(the third), “model of everlasting foundation for China”(the fourth) and “mature and stable Chinese Strength”(the 11st). This is the expression of popular feelings and will as well as support and praise for Shaolin Sangha’s effective inheritance and protection and innovative development for 40 years under the leadership of Venerable Yongxin.

Religious policy has carried out since the 1980s. The temple restored religious life, starting morning bell and evening drum days, doing morning and evening reciting, practicing Kungfu and chanting sutras, from generation to generation. Faith promoting the temple makes it become a supremely pure and solemn monastery, which particularly receives recognition and praise from the Buddhist circle. In terms of international cultural exchanges, Shaolin Temple actively started promoting the development and propagation of Shaolin culture abroad in the early 1990s, which received consistent high praise from the international community. Shaolin Temple takes effective paths, for example, bringing in, going out and other measures, actively carrying out international exchange and cooperation on Shaolin culture. Taking the advantage of Shaolin Kungfu and what is meditation practice as well as relying on Chinese Buddhism’s concepts of equality and peaceful coexistence, drives interactions and mutual learning among different civilizations, improving soft strength of Chinese culture. Shaolin Temple goes abroad, propagating traditional Chinese culture represented by Shaolin culture through different useful models. So far, the concept of “Shaolin culture shared by humankind” has received extensive response from the international mainstream society. Shaolin Temple was honored as the “world-renowned Shaolin Temple” by Xi Jinping in 2013. The position of the “world-renowned Shaolin Temple” showcases efforts and achievements of propagating dharma and benefiting sentient beings made by Shaolin Sangha. It is also an important result practicing the strategy of culture export. The practice Shaolin culture going global has expanded new methods and paths of Chinese culture going out. Shaolin culture takes roo, sprouts and blossoms abroad by the model of external exchange, having gaining great achievements. (Edited by Yanzhi, Yanchong and Wan Li)

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