UK Shaolin Xiu Centre Carrying forward Shaolin Culture

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To carry forward Shaolin culture comprehensively and thoroughly, under the guidance of Yanxiu, head of the UK Shaolin Xiu Centre, holding the training of Shaolin Chan Wu Yi culture, outings and other forms make more foreign friends understand, study and love Shaolin culture.

From July 22 to August 1, 2019, invited by Master Yuanguang, abbot of Puming Temple, Arkansas, a group led by Yanxiu, head of UK Shaolin Xiu Centre and Yanyu, head of Houston Shaolin Xiu Center USA, arrived in the temple to spread Shaolin Kungfu and guide Shaolin Chan cultivation, receiving a warm welcome from monks of Puming Temple and lay Buddhists.

From August 2 to 3, the group led by Yanxiu held special lectures on Shaolin Qigong in the Houston Shaolin Xiu Center USA, proving a great success. Yanxiu expressed in his lecture, Shaolin culture is an component of the excellent traditional Chinese culture meanwhile Qigong is an component of Shaolin Kungfu culture, being popular among people of all ethnic groups. There were more than 40 people attending the event, reaping no little benefit. It was hoped that activities like this could be often held in the future. (Edited by Zou Xiang and photographed by UK Shaolin Xiu Centre)

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