A 22-Member Delegation from Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, USA, Maing a Pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple

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On July 22, 2019, Shi Yanchan, head of the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, Texas, USA, led 22 disciples receiving Venerable Yongxin’s Kungfu exam in person, getting the course-completion certificate through an over 10-day Kungfu practice and experiencing Shaolin monks’ traditional lifestyle.

In front of the Abbot Hall, disciples from the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, Texas, USA, displayed Shaolin Kungfu in turn. After the Kungfu performance, Venerable Yongxin gave a dharma teaching, “Everyone got great results when learning in Shaolin Temple these days. The growth has been demonstrated through your Kungfu performance. There are many foreign disciples to study in the ancestral monastery and your learning outcomes are relatively better. The routines you practice are longer and more skilled, and your movements reach to the request. Especially the Kungfu routines are in good order. You show the very spirit of Shaolin Kungfu, making people joyful after watching the performance, which can see that your coach does well in teaching you carefully. Certainly this cannot be separated from your hard study and train. This Shaolin Kungfu exam is very successful and today is also the right day that the 7th Shaolin Kungfu class for African students opens. There are 18 students from six countries this year. No matter what country students come from, he will be included in Shaolin family only because of his love for Shaolin Kungfu and Shaolin culture. It is hoped that you could often come back and learn more Shaolin Kungfu and culture in the big family of Shaolin Temple, balancing body and mind.”

The overseas disciples attending the pilgrimage this time range in age from 11 to 40, according to Shi Yanchan, head of the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, Texas, USA. A young disciple called Logan Jake Tong is 11 years old this year. According to information, he followed mother to pilgrim to Shaolin Temple this time. Under father’s influence, he has practiced Shaolin Kungfu over four years. This was the first time he came to Shaolin Temple of his dream, feeling very happy. He lived in Shaolin Temple for more than ten days and learned a lot of precious knowledge, benefiting a lot from it. They know about not only monks’ traditional lifestyle, but also improve their own Shaolin Kungfu. They were very joyful to display their Shaolin Kungfu in the completion-course and get the certificate, expressing that they would come back to worship the ancestral monastery later. (Edited by Master Yanyang, Zou Xiang and Zhang Hailong)

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