The 7th Shaolin Kungfu Training Class for African Students Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Opens

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On the morning, July 22, 2019, the 7th “Shaolin Kungfu Training Class for African Students” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism opened in China Songshan Shaolin Temple. 18 African Shaolin disciples from six countries including Djibouti, Cameroon, Niger, the Republic of Congo, Congo (Kinshasa) and Ivory Coast officially lived in Shaolin Temple, starting their 3-month life of practice. Abbot of China Songshan Shaolin Temple Shi Yongxin, deputy director-general of Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province Li Yanqing, director of international exchange and cooperation division Tian Taiping, Shaolin Temple’s monastic manager Master Yankang and Master Yanchong, as well as all African students of the 7th Shaolin Kungfu class, Shaolin monks and believers of ten directions, around a few hundred people, joyfully attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, deputy director-general of Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province Li Yanqing said, “China and Africa enjoy a long-standing friendship. Under the common initiative of China and Africa, both sides co-founded ‘China-Africa Cooperation Forum’ to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of politics, economics, culture and tourism and so on between China and African countries. The organization of training class is an important measure to implement the content of China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Action Plan, which has a great significance for further enhancing exchanges and cooperation of China and Africa.”

Abbot Yongxin showed welcome to the arrival of African students from the 7th Shaolin Kungfu training class organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Abbot Yongxin said, “Shaolin Temple is the ancestral monastery of Chan sect, known for “Wushu Chan” in the world. In the international community, ‘Kungfu’ has become a card for Shaolin culture export. Shaolin Kungfu enthusiasts from five continents in the world with a Shaolin dream come here.” “Shaolin Kungfu is a belief, the pursuit of wisdom and a huge technology system as well.” He also sincerely wished students could succeed in Kungfu study, continuing to take cultural exchange as the center to carry forward and spread Shaolin culture.

Then all guests and African students watched Shaolin Kungfu performance together. The performers included not only the Shaolin Kungfu monks from Shaolin Temple, but also overseas Shaolin disciples coming to worship and study Shaolin Temple. Yanming from the 4th Shaolin Kungfu training class of African students, came back here with his love for Shaolin Temple again after back to his motherland in 2016. He has studied in Shaolin Temple for three years, not only working as an interpreter of freshmen this time, but also their life teacher. At the opening ceremony, Shaolin boxing he performed for freshmen or “brothers” made students full of confidence and hope for the life of practice in Shaolin Temple.

Deputy director-general Li Yanqing announced: “The 7th Shaolin Kungfu Taining Class for African students organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism opens!” A 3-month life of practice in Shaolin Temple for 18 students of the class officially started. In the next days, under the guidance of masters, students will not only learn authentic Shaolin Kungfu, but also understand wisdom of Chan through Chan cultivation, faithfully experiencing the internal implication of the unity of Chan and Wu. There are also Shaolin Chan Yi (Chan medicine), Shaolin Chan Yi (Chan skill), calligraphy, Chinese and other courses to comprehensively help students experience the charm of Shaolin culture. In addition, students will visit famous attractions in Henan province, feel the different customs and appreciate splendid Chinese culture.

After the end of the opening ceremony, Evan’s from the Republic of Congo excitedly said he has been admiring Shaolin culture since his childhood and his master has been to Shaolin Temple for study as well. He was very shocked coming here, especially after watching the authentic Shaolin Kungfu performance, hoping to get the high-quality Kungfu training in the next three months.

MBA Fabrice (Yanxin) from Cameroon has been sent by his country to study in Shaolin Temple for three consecutive Shaolin Kungfu training class for African students. He thinks coming to Shaolin Temple could understand Shaolin culture. Shaolin spirit exerts profound influence on him. “I hope to spread knowledge learned in Shaolin Temple to children through schools of our country, helping my own country become powerful like China in the future. I also wish to study more knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine to benefit people’s health in my country this time.”

“Shaolin Kungfu Training Class for African Students” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been held for six consecutive periods, cultivating more than one hundred excellent students for African countries. So far french-speaking African countries have sent all their students to study in Shaolin Temple. Former students had performed Shaolin Kungfu to Chinese leaders visiting Africa. The 6th Shaolin Kungfu class of African students were invited to attend the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (Beijing summit) and received a unanimous praise from Chinese and African leaders. After returning their native country from study, students actively spread Shaolin lifestyle and Shaolin Kungfu. So far the people of Africa study Chinese culture and Shaolin Kungfu, which is very popular, building a friendship bridge of China and Africa and receiving a warm welcome from people of Africa. (Edited by Master Yanyang and Yue Long)

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