Shaolin Family Lineage─China, America and Russia

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On July 9, 2019, students from Shaolin Temple California and Russian Shaolin Cultural Center would complete their pilgrimage journey to Shaolin Temple. They saluted to Venerable Yongxin in front of the Abbot Hall. Disciples from China and Russia learned and communicated with each other and showcased learning outcomes with a happy, harmony air on the scene.

At 8am, disciples from America and Russia lined up in front of the Abbot Hall, saying farewell to Venerable Yongxin. Abbot Yongxin gave a dharma teaching and said: I always pay close attention to your situations of studying and living here and congratulations to your completion of courses soon, embarking on the journey to home. Shaolin Temple is a big family consisting of disciples from different countries. There are many overseas disciples from many countries to communicate and study here. The healthy lifestyle we initiate contributes to the welfare of the people around the world. Yesterday I, together with an American, researched relations of Kungfu and personal aura. He collected data in the world, finding that Shaolin Kungfu monks’ aura is strong and different from the rest. Next we hope to be able to develop better curriculum resources about fitness of teenagers, middle-aged and aged people, relatively launching the standard of Shaolin Kungfu. We hope that there will be help for your practice and cultivation.

Then disciples from America and Russia exchanged what they have learned and spared different cultures with each other. Disciples from Russia showed Shaolin Qigong, practice routines and Shaolin weaponry, beginning dancing joyful folk dance. American disciples sang loudly: “Shaolin Temple, my home, like a beacon guiding me to make progress”. He sang admiration and worship for Shaolin Temple. After the appreciation of Shaolin Shaolin in Russian, Venerable Yongxin said: I’m so glad to see your performance. Your Shaolin Kungfu fundamental training is solid. The fantastic dance and song take us to your countries. Composer Mr. Wang Jinping, having created the song “Shaolin Shaolin”, visited Shaolin Temple shortly before. I told him that his song “Shaolin Shaolin” was translated into different languages by overseas Shaolin disciples. He expressed that it was a pity he didn’t hear foreign-language versions. Today’s sing can make up for that gap for Mr. Wang Jinping. It is hoped that you can continue to carry forward Shaolin culture and benefit more people in the world.

Being about to leave here, overseas disciples from all walks of life successfully expressed to be unwilling to leave Shaolin Temple. Oureal, a space expert from Russia, have been to Shaolin Temple six times for communication and study. She said: I always have new harvest to visit Shaolin Temple each time. Sergey, a photographer from Russia, said he has practiced Kungfu for three years. This was the first time that he visited Shaolin Temple and experienced the pure lifestyle and unique aura of Shaolin Temple. Their body and mind sublimated as well. (Edited by Yue Long)

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