Shaolin Temple Holds the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Completion of Renovation Project for Puxian(Samantabhadra) Hall

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On June 9, 2019, the Puxian Hall of Shaolin Temple held the opening ceremony of the completion of renovation project. Shi Yongxin, president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and abbot of China Songshan Shaolin Temple, Dharma Master Yanci, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and abbot of Kongxiang Temple, and Dharma Master Yanchao, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province and abbot of Ciyun Temple in Gongyi city, burned incense and presided over the assembly, leading Shaolin Sangha, lay Buddhists and protectors to consecrate the hall and praying for permanence of Buddhist dharma, peace and prosperity.

Guests attending the ceremony included painters couple Wang Jianan and Lin Wenjing, literary critics Mr, Jinsheng, professor Li Jianqun from Central Academy of Fine Arts and lay Buddhist representatives of Shaolin Temple. The event was presided over by Ma Guozhan, secretary general of the Buddhist Association of Henan Province.

Puxian Hall is located on Shaolin Temple’s axle wire, the west of Lixue Pavilion. Damage by insects were serious because of disrepair. With the approval of the national cultural relics department, Shaolin monks and its believers sponsored to renovate the hall completed in 2017. Then statues were remade and murals were remounted. And the Puxian Hall was completed and opened successfully today.

At 9 am, the Buddha light of Puxian Hall in Shaolin Temple illuminated. Abbot Yongxin led the east and west disciples and lay Buddhists burned incense and sang praise to Buddha solemnly. The whole opening ceremony was pure and solemn. Virtues and merits of the completion ceremony of Puxian Hall in Shaolin Temple was successful.

The newly-built Puxian Hall is a wooden structure, the imitation of the Song architectural style, inspected by famous painting and calligraphy artist Mr. Wang Jianan, and renovated by ancient construction experts from Anhui Province. Copper Samantabhadra Bodhisattva (Puxian Pusa) that is covered with gold leaf in the ancient way is enshrined and worshiped at the hall. The Bodhisattva, 3.5 meters high, sit on the elephant solemnly. The Splendid Lotus, covering 49 lotuses, painted by the couple Wang Jianan and his wife Cai Xiaoli, is behind Bodhisattva, containing the meaning of propagating dharma and benefiting sentient beings for forty nine years. (Photographed by Master Yanyang and edited by Yue Long)

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