“Zongzi Tied to Dragon Boat Festival and Meeting Shaolin”--Travelers Spend Dragon Boat Festival together in Shaolin Temple

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On June 7, 2019, the 5th day of the fifth lunar month, the Dragon Boat Festival, Shaolin Temple launched the “Zongzi tied to Dragon Boat Festival and Meeting Shaolin” activities, tasting Zongzi, tying five-colored ropes, explaining Dragon Boat Festival culture to travelers and sharing the charm of traditional Chinese culture with travelers.

There have been always eating Zongzi, hanging moxa grass, tying five-color ropes and other traditions at Dragon Boat Festival. During the event, travelers receiving cards and writing down wishes on cards would get Zongzi and five-color ropes prepared by Shaolin Temple as well as receive blessing cards from strangers.

Shaolin Temple prepared more than 3000 Zongzi and five-color ropes that day. Travelers participated in actively, earnestly wrote blessing wishes, passed blessings, tasted Zongzi and exchanged Dragon Boat Festival culture. Many children could not write Chinese characters, using Chinese phonetic alphabet to send wishes to strangers.

Max from Coate d'Ivoire expressed his first time of tasting Zongzi and repeatedly praised “Delicious! So delicious!”. He asked staff the folktale about the Dragon Boat Festival and sent wishes “Duanwu an kang!” to people in Chinese.

Mr. Kang from Yuzhou city said that he was so happy to come to Shaolin Temple, getting with Shaolin Temple sending Zongzi and also receiving wishes from strangers, which made him so happy. He thanked Shaolin Temple for spreading traditional Shaolin culture actively. (Edited by Yue Long and Ji Weikang)

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