The Great Shrine Holds Chanting and Repentance, Extending Life, Transferring and Offering Sacrifice on the 2nd Day of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year

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On May 14, 2019, the 2nd day of the Water and Land Dharma Function in Shaolin Temple in Jihai Year, the Great Shirne (the Emperor Liang Repentance), the Huayan Shrine, the Sutras Shrine, the Nengyan Shrine, the Lotus Shrine and the Pure Land Shrine were offered with fruits and flowers. Dharma masters chanted sutras and repentance and guided vegetarian hosts to transfer merits and virtues to sentient beings. The Buddhist rites were solemn and orderly.

At 8 am, monks and vegetarian hosts went to the Great Shrine for chanting and repentance, extending life and transferring. More than one hundred monks chanted the Emperor Liang Repentance in chorus in the shrine. Buddhist sound could be heard without end and calm the mind. Travelers also stopped outside the shrine and enjoyed the chanting and sing, full of dharma joy. After burning incense and worshiping Buddha, vegetarian hosts followed honor guards to the doorways of the Lotus Shrine, the Huayan Shrine, the Sutras Shrine and other shrines for chanting and transferring. The whole event was solemn.

The Emperor Liang Repentance is able to eliminate disasters and bring luckiness, prevent crime, summon good luck and fortune and rescue and deliver the deceased. 
One legend says that Emperor Liang of the Southern Dynasties invited high monks to enact verse of repentance to deliver his wife becoming a snake after her death. After Emperor Liang devotedly worship the repentance verse, his wife Xi Shi was transferred to a goddess of heaven by the merits and virtues. So later ages called the verse the Emperor Liang Repentance with the reputation of king of repentance.

At 10:30 am, dharma master Yongfu presided over the offering sacrifice ceremony at the Mahaviro Hall. Monks chanted sutras to transfer merits and virtues to pray for world peace and prosperity; pray vegetarian hosts for security, prosperity, benefiting the wisdom and blessing as well as bring them auspiciousness.

In the afternoon, dharma masters chanted sutra and repentance and went to respective shrine to transfer merits and virtues. (Pictures by Master Yanyang and edited by Zou Xiang, Yue Long and Zhang Hailong)

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