UK Shaolin Xiu Centre Invited to Attend the “Henan Association of Britain” Celebrations

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On Mar. 9, 2019, local time, the “Henan Association of Britain” celebrations were grandly held in London, UK. Under the leadership of Yanxiu, head of UK Shaolin Xiu Centre, was invited to attend the “Henan Association of Britain” celebrations.






To host the sodality successfully, people of Henan in Britain totaling over 200 as well as some international friends came from far and near. Though chill of early spring, the whole hall was full of jollification and harmony. People’s faces also filled with warmth and happiness.



At the sodality, Mr. Lu Haitian, ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in Britain made a speech. He encouraged fellow citizens of Henan association to continue to contribute to spreading Chinese culture. He mentioned that “wherever and whenever, the Chinese Embassy and homeland will always be the strong backing of compatriots”, and brought his greetings and best wishes to overseas Chinese from Henan in Britain and compatriots.



During the celebrations, students from UK Shaolin Xiu Centre performed wonderful Shaolin Kungfu and won applause and cheers from audience. Activity contents of the day were rich and colorful, including Henan Opera, Peking Opera, Violin, tenor chorus and other wonderful performances. (Edited by Zou Xiang and Photos by UK Shaolin Xiu Centre)


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