Shaolin Kungfu Makes Its Fantastic Debut in Egypt and Ain Shams University

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On the evening of Feb 23, 2019, after attending the 7th Aswan International Festival of Culture and Arts in Egypt, invited by the Ain Shams University, Shaolin Kungfu Monk corps went back to Cairo and delivered a wonderful Kungfu performance to around 500 teachers and students at the theater. Cultural counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt and director of the China Culture Center in Cairo Shi Yuewen, president of the Ain Shams University Abdel-Dayem, head of Chinese Department Isla and other guests attended the envent.





Collective boxing, lying boxing, pictographic boxing and other exquisite Shaolin boxing made the audience were all eyes; double-spear stabbing throat, breaking a steel pad with the head, four-spear stabbing body and other Shaolin skills made audience met with constant cheers and applause; eighteen weapons of Shaolin’ s appearing brought the whole show to a climax.





During the event, Shaolin Temple’s Kungfu monks also conducted training for both students and teachers at the university, imparting Shaolin basic skills on site that the atmosphere was bustling. (Edited by Zou Xiang and Photos by Ren Hongbing)


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