Shaolin Temple Sends Chinese Calligraphy “Fu” in Spring Festival

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On January 24, 2019, near the traditional small year of Chinese lunar calendar, Shaolin Temple and Sutra-Keeping Pavilion in Shaolin Temple invited over 40 masters, painters and calligraphers to write Chinese calligraphy on-site “Fu” for travelers in front of Sutra-Keeping Pavilion in Shaolin Temple.












At the event, more than 40 masters, painters and calligraphers took up the writing brush and dipped it in black ink, showing their calligraphy works. Travelers got calligraphy works “Fu” joyfully and admired that Chinese calligraphy art is broad and profound. Before the New Year’s coming, travelers got calligraphy works “Fu”, showing full blessing. In the afternoon, more than 2000 pieces of paper with Chinese calligraphy works “Fu” for travelers prepared by Shaolin Temple were set out. All people from home and abroad spared joyful festival air together, carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture.


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