On the Day Buddha Attained Enlightenment, Shaolin Temple Dishes out Laba Porridge to Visitors in Wuxu Year

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On January 13, 2019, the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is traditional Chinese festival “Laba Festival” and also is the day Buddha attained enlightenment as the “Dharma Gem Day” and “Thanksgiving Day”. Shaolin Temple, sub-temples of Shaolin Temple, overseas Shaolin cultural centers and so on dished out porridge the same day. According to statistics, this year Shaolin Temple dished out around 300,000 bowls of porridge and enjoyed Five-element Laba porridge together with Shaolin culture lovers. It would spread concepts of equality, compassion, harmony and eco-protection and traditional national culture through dishing out Laba porridge. On the same day, Shaolin Temple also held the tea party to celebrate the day Buddha attained enlightenment.

In Buddhism Laba Festival is called “Thanksgiving Day” reflecting that believers thank Buddha for his teachings and seek for a plain wish of health and happiness. Among our traditional national festivals, Laba Festival is always a thanks giving day for worship, except mark the day Buddha attained enlightenment and is given rich connotations including warmth, completion, integrate harmony, inclusion, harmony, good luck, health, cooperation, nourishment, plain, convenience, thanksgiving, delight, forming ties and so on. Abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Shi Yongxin had drafted resolution during the National People’s Congress and hoped to be able to protect and inherit the Laba Festival, one of traditional Chinese festivals. To be grateful to sentient beings and repay society, Shaolin Temple hopes to enjoy dharma joy and benefit with sentient beings since the tradition of dishing out porridge was restored in 2008.

According to Master Yanru, chef monk of Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound, this year Shaolin Temple prepared ingredients for Laba Festival over 10 days in advance. Main ingredients were cereals Shaolin Chan Farm grew, blending with a secret sauce from Shaolin Medicine Bureau made. On the day of Laba Festival, it started making porridge from 1 a.m. and was expected to make more than one hundred buckets making sure that all visitors and believers could taste authentic “Shaolin Five-element Laba porridge”.

Master Yanwu from Shaolin Medicine Bureau revealed the secret why “Shaolin Five-element Laba porridge” was so delicious—“Shaolin Five-element Laba porridge” was formulated by the ancient prescription. Except for more than 20 ingredients including organic sticky rice, black rice, Five-element beans (red bean, soybean, mung bean, black soya bean and kidney bean), langan and so on, a secret medical soup was added into Laba porridge. The porridge was boiled with a low flame and a high heat, which would not only mix ingredients to become sweet and delicious, but also keep out cold to build body.

At 9 am, abbot of Shaolin Temple Yongxin led two orders of disciples to hold a solemn offerings dharma assembly for Buddha at the Mahaviro Hall. Then abbot Yongxin and Shaolin monks held the prayer dharma assembly for Laba Festival at the gate of Shaolin Medicine Bureau. Abbot Yongxin burned incense and presided over the assembly, together with believers of ten directions, praying for world peace, happiness, a good weather and prosperity.

After the assembly, abbot Yongxin and Shaolin masters dished out Laba porridge to believers of ten directions. Believers and visitors from home and abroad received a bowl of Shaolin Five-element Laba porridge respectively feeling so happy and were grateful to an excellent tradition that Shaolin Temple adhered to dishing out Laba porridge and were admired by Shaolin Temple’s vow of mercy for sentient beings.

In recent years Shaolin Temple not only dished out Laba porridge in some temples and Dengfeng area, but also set porridge spot at sub-temples, overseas Shaolin cultural centers and so on while holding the prayer assembly for Laba Festival and praying for a good weather and prosperity, which was deeply loved and joined by local people. In addition, Laba porridge from Shaolin Temple and its sub-temples will be sent to Shaolin Charity House, orphanages, senior homes and other charity organizations, together with people enjoying lucky porridge and thanksgiving society. (Editor: Yue Long and Han Zhangyun)

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