A Group Led by Zhu Gansheng, Member of the House of Representatives of California, US, Visit Shaolin Temple

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On December 17, 2018, member of the House of Representatives of California and president of the Committee of California Cultural Tourism Zhu Gansheng and his wife Zhou Yunju and president of the US Aero Sports Association and member of California Acupuncture Board Li Dongshu visited Shaolin Temple and received a warm welcome from Shaolin monks accompanied by Yanran, president of Shaolin Temple USA.

Accompanied by Master Yanyun of the Guest Chapel in Shaolin Temple, the group led by Zhu Gansheng visited Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound with delight. They listened carefully to master explaining Shaolin Temple’s inscriptions and its history, occasionally with their mobile phones snapping photos, while consulting masters of the voluntary explanation team. At the Guest Chapel, the group of Zhu Gansheng watched Shaolin Kungfu performance. The wonderful Shaolin Kungfu demonstration won audience’s warm cheers.

At the Thousand-Buddha Hall and Baiyi Hall of Shaolin Temple, master of the voluntary explanation team introduced cultural history of ancient murals to the group of Zhu Gansheng. People were full of praise for Shaolin Temple’s long and profound culture with a history of more than 1500 years. They admired that Shaolin monks have always sticking to traditions and protecting the ancient culture. They also hoped that there would be an opportunity to visit Shaolin Temple again and actually experience its healthy lifestyle. (Editor: Yue Long)

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