Head of Italy Shaolin Fist Union Master Shi Yanhui Gives Lectures of Shaolin Culture

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From November 25 to 26, 2018, local time invited by Italy’s prominent publishing house Mondadori and Bologna Shaolin Fist Union, head of Italy Shaolin Fist Union Master Shi Yanhui ran a 2-day event in the Italian central city of Bologna.

Previously, Master Shi Yanhui has always been to Bologna to give lessons at regular intervals, drawing many Kungfu lovers each time. Unlike the past, this time in addition to the training courses of meditation practice of Shaolin Kungfu held on November 25, Master Shi Yanhui had a reader meeting on the evening of November 26. Shi Yanhui and Mondadori publishing house collaborated to publish the Italian edition of A Shaolin Way of Chan and Medicine, a book of Shaolin culture which is selling fast. The book, A Shaolin Way of Chan and Medicine at this bookstore sold out that day.

People participated in the event including head of Mondadori publishing house Mr. Marco Rana as well as more than 30 enthusiasts of Chinese culture and Shaolin culture. The event was presided over by vice-chairman of Shaolin Fist Union Mr. Marco De Leo.

At the reader meeting, Shi Yanhui expressed thanks to the publishing house and attendants and conveyed abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Yongxin’s greet to people. Students from Rome Shaolin Fist Union took wonderful performance and won applause and cheers from audience. Then Master Shi Yanhui introduced the content of the book A Shaolin Way of Chan and Medicine as well as the effect of Chan, Wu (martial arts) and Yi (medicine) on the health of body and mind. Readers still hadn’t got enough to listen to his explaining on the scene.

As Master Shi Yanhui explained Shaolin Regimen, students displayed Shaolin Regimen—Ba Duanjin and then he interacted with readers.

Mondadori publishing house is the most largest-scale publishing house with a long history, a national reputation and being deeply trusted by readers. It is worth mentioning that Mondadori publishing house had never published books related to traditional Chinese culture. The book A Shaolin Way of Chan and Medicine is on the sale at all levels of bookstores of Italy. The book, once published, has attracted a number of readers. The book in many bookstores has been sold out. Master Shi Yanhui just held the first reader meeting in Rome on November 21. It is widely popular among wide readers.

For readers’ request, Master Shi Yanhui will hold reader meetings in multiple places. He expressed that promoting Shaolin culture is Shaolin disciples’ incumbent responsibility, hoping that Shaolin culture could be able to bring pleasure of Chan Buddhism and dharma joy to local people. (Writing by Zou Xiang and photos by Italy Shaolin Fist Union)

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