Health Culture about Shaolin Chan is a Highlight of the I Ching World Conference

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From September 26 to 28, 2018, the 21st World I Ching Conference was held grandly in Australia’s third-largest city—Brisbane. Qin Xiping (dharma name: Yanping), a lay Buddhist of Shaolin Temple and president of the Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association, as an executive member of council and executive chairman of common assembly, delivered a speech entitled “Preliminary Study on the relationship of Philosophy and science between I Ching and Shaolin Chan Health”, which was highly appraised by specialists and scholars around the world and was reduced one of eight highlights in the academic content of this meeting. Qin Xiping was honored as a “tutor of the world economy”.

During the conference, Qin Xiping’s student—Zuoyouzhan, a member of Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association, a famous I Ching master and a senior Qigong master delivered a keynote speech titled Geological Pathology, which attracted guests’ attention. He was honored as a “modern I Ching master”.

Qin Xiping talked about that Shaolin culture contributes to mankind in world’s medical treatment, health, martial arts, etc. while receiving recognition and good graces by mainstream society around the world. Especially Shaolin’s healthy way of living and ideology was widely favored and learned by the public.

At the end of the 21st I Ching World Conference, the flag ceremony was held. The conference put forward Qin Xiping as a chairman of the 22nd I Ching World Conference. Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association, the I Ching world federation of the healthy Chan medical, Qigong and martial arts, the I Ching World Conference and Chinese culture center in Japan jointly co-hosted while holding “the 6th world Chan Wu Yi Qi I-Ching Forum”. (Editor: Zou Xiang)

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