Bright Heart Sends Emotions to the Moon in the Shaoshi Mountain, Talking about Reunion in the Ancestral Monastery of Chan Sect

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On September 24, 2018, China’s traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is also the birthday of Candra-prabha (Chinese: 月光菩萨) and the temple has always a fine tradition of admiring the moon, worshiping the moon and praising the moon in verse since the ancient times. Gongan about “Seeing finger forgetting the moon” (Chinese: 得指忘月) is one of stories through the ages about wise men enlightening fools, which has been always widely spread. Stories about Pointing the moon in Lingshan Mountain and forgetting the moon in Shaoshi Mountain have been passed on from generation to generation. Abbot Yongxin appreciated ancient oracles’s wisdom of pointing the moon and enlightening heart and called on Shaolin disciples to attach great importance to tradition and give study and cultivation equal value, to meet double festival-the 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day. On the night of Mid-Autumn Day, the abbot, and hundreds of permanent monks, overseas Shaolin disciples, children from Shaolin Charity House and Shaolin lay Buddists, gathered to hold “Poetry about Forgetting the Moon”, attached thoughts to wind and the moon and enjoyed the holiday for reunion together.

In the sound of singing the Triratna (Chinese: 三宝) by masters from the Guest Chapel in the Shaolin Temple, “Poetry about Forgetting the Moon” in Wuxu Year officially kicked off at seven o’clock in the evening. Excellent works of poetry solicitation of “Poetry about Forgetting the Moon” in Wuxu Year were repeatedly aired on a large screen. Masters who participated in the activity savored the works and talked about Buddhist allegory together.

Masters of Shaolin Temple were successively on the stage to perform poetry reading and choral songs, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Day together with everyone; the Shaolin Charity House’s students displayed Kungfu, poetry reading, fan dance and Allegro, etc., to express gratitude to all circles of society; on the scene of the gala, guqin teachers from Qingyuan vowed to provide education and trainings to students of Shaolin Charity House, which won warm applause from time to time; Chinese western culture, including merry international dance by overseas disciples from Kazakhstan, India, Germany and other countries, and Henan Opera performed by Yuan Jiayang who was a young champion of “Spring in the Pear Garden” (Chinese: 梨园春),enlightened sparkles in the Shaolin Temple. The party also invited Dr. Sun Sihan who was the author of the excellent work “Jinnaluo Wang Fu” to read his works on scene. 

At nine o’clock in the evening, in the song “Shaolin Shaolin” by masters from Dizang Hall, “Poetry about Forgetting the Moon” of the Shaolin Temple in Wuxu Year successfully drew to an end. (Photos by Master Yanyang and reports by Yue Long)

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