UK Shaolin Xiu Centre, Invited by the United Karate Association, Carry on Teaching

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On September 16, for the United Karate Association’s kind invitation, a group of UK Shaolin Xiu Centre’s head Yanxiu went to the association headquarters to impart Shaolin Kungfu. Master Yanxiu led four disciples including Henghui, Hengyue, Tien and Zac went to the association headquarters to impart Shaolin Kungfu.

There were three lessons that day. The first class was a children course participated by over seventy children. Master Yanxiu taught them Shaolin basic training and boxing. At the end Master Yanxiu taught them meditation practice and how to sit in meditation as well as Shaolin cultural knowledge, etc. After the first lession, Master Yanxiu together with his disciples demonstrated Shaolin Group Boxing, traditional boxing, pictographic boxing (xiangxingquan), Shaolin weapons, etc.

The second class was a teenager and adult course, participated by over fifty karate students. Yanxiu taught them Shaolin traditional boxing and necessary basic training, explained to them how to remain flexible in actions of boxing as well as arrest techniques, etc.

In the final class, Yanxiu led over forty old people to teach them Shaolin Qigong, Shaolin Ba Duan Jin and simple Qigong Gongfa. In the meantime, Master Yanxiu explained the physical benefits of practicing Qigong.

President of United Karate Lan Cuthbert (the 7th Dan Karate Black Belt) led their coached to participate the activities together. They hoped to be able to follow Master Yanxiu to the Shaolin Temple to make a pilgrimage, experience Shaolin monks’ healthy lifestyle and study authentic Shaolin Kungfu. (Editor: Zou Xiang, photos by Yanxiu)

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