The Upper Beam Prayer Assembly of the Shaolin Temple’s Sutra-Keeping Pavilion is Completed Successfully

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On the morning of August 9, 2018, China Songshan Shaolin Temple held the upper beam prayer assembly of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion successfully. The dharma assembly was presided over by the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Yongxin, the chief monk Master Yongqian, the peterxs Master Yongfu.

The Shaolin Temple’s Sutra-Keeping Pavilion is also called dharma hall which was built in Yuan Dynasty, Zhizheng period, (or so 1345 AD) and then was repaired each year in Ming Dynasty, Yongle period and Qing Dynasty, Shunzhi period. In the third year of Emperor Yongzheng’s reign period (1735 AD), when the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion was repaired, scriptures of the original Sutra-Keeping Pavilion was transferred to the Dharma Hall called “Sutra-Keeping Pavilion”. The original construction of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion in the Shaolin Temple was destroyed by fire in 1928 and was repaired again in 1993 according to the traditional architectural techniques. After more than 20 years, because of its wooden structure, the beams of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion suffered from serious damages by insects. So at the end of May, 2018, the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion was rebuilt. The Shaolin Temple held the grand upper beam prayer assembly through over three-month repairs on August 9.

At 9:00 am, the honor guards and pious disciples came to the Abbot Hall to invite the Great Monk Yongxin, Master Yongqian and Master Yongfu to preside over the dharma assembly. Then the three masters followed the honor guards to sponsor the upper beam dharma assembly in front of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion. In front of the pavilion, masters on both sides chanted sutras in union. The three main dharma masters led pious disciples to burn incense and pay respect for Buddha. According the ritual procedure, the three main dharma masters walked around the site three circles with water purification to remove dirt and pray for human and the heaven.

The Great Monk Yongxin read out dharma-talk about the upper beam with the voice of dharma. Then the beam was slowly hung to the top the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion which was arranged by workers. “Hanging the upper beam” is an important celebration when building houses will be finished. Except for its important and practical position in the architecture, “zhongliang” (the beam) of the hall is used to connect the temple construction itself, heaven and earth, gods and both the monastics and lay Buddhists, which symbolizes the peace and good luck through the function of beam.

So far, the upper beam prayer assembly of the Sutra-Keeping Pavilion in the Shaolin Temple has been completed successfully. (Editor: Zou Xiang, Zhang Hailong)

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