Shaolin Disciples from over 20 Countries Make a Pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple

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On the morning of August 4, 2018, more than 60 overseas Shaolin disciples from over 20 countries of America, Sweden, Germany, Indonesia and other countries across the oceans made a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple. In front of the Abbot Hall of the Shaolin Temple, they worshiping the Great Monk Yongxin and making a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple were received a warm reception from the Abbot and Great Monk Yongxin as well as Shaolin monks.

“The overseas Shaolin disciples, had studied at the UK Shaolin Xiu Centre, had ties with Shaolin culture. They study and experience Shaolin Temple’s healthy lifestyle, value Chinese culture and long for a return to the source of Shaolin culture and feel thicker and more traditional Shaolin culture.” said Yanxiu, head of UK Shaolin Xiu Centre.

At 5:00 a.m., at the Mahaviro Hall of the Shaolin Temple, the pilgrimage Shaolin disciples clasped their hands showing respect and finished morning recitation at the hall together with Shaolin monks. Among the chanting of prayers, the Shaolin disciples felt both tranquility and Chan of morning bell and evening drum.

At 7:00 a.m. more than 60 overseas disciples invited the Great Monk Yongxin in front of the Abbot Hall and worshiped Abbot Yongxin three times according the tradition. Witnessed by Shaolin monks, people felt Shaolin Temple’s supreme charm of justice, mercy, health and peace.

The Great Monk Yongxin gave a dharma teaching to people and spoke that “you come from America, Asia and Europe and travelled thousands of miles to pilgrim to the Shaolin Temple, which is its supreme causes and conditions. The essence of the Shaolin culture attracts many intelligent people from around the world who had ties with Shaolin, study Kungfu, practice internal force and improve their quality of life. Shaolin Kungfu monk corps devotes themselves to making our traditional healthy lifestyle spare with the right people. As experiencers, practitioners and beneficiary for you, I hope the next three-day experience will make your practice better complete. After returning home, it is hoped that the lifestyle could be spared with your friends and relatives nearby and then contribute to the world peace, human health and social harmony and what Shaolin disciples could do.

Then overseas Shaolin disciples performed traditional Shaolin boxing, Shaolin shadowboxing, traditional Shaolin weaponry and others and accepted Shaolin monks’ test. The Great Monk Yongxin recognized their Kungfu and issued certificates to the disciples. Overseas Shaolin disciples were full of dharma joy, successively communicated and took photos with the Great Monk Yongxin.

“We come here and feel kind and warm like home. Masters are very warm and it is hoped that we could have a good time with masters here. We expect to be back home again.” When being asked about experience of pilgrimage, an overseas disciple answered pointing to the characters “回家(huijia)” with a brilliant smile. (Editor: Zou Xiang, Yue Long, Niguang Feixiang Culture and Communication)

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