Lay Buddhist Yandi, an American Shaolin Disciple, Leads 41 Students to Make a Pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple

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On July 24, 2018, American Shaolin disciple Yandi led 41 overseas students to make a pilgrimage. Witnessed by the Great Monk Yongxin, each student performed Shaolin Kungfu learned in turn and was issued course-completion certificate.

At 7:40 a.m., American Shaolin disciple Yandi led 41 students to invite and greet the Great Monk Yongxin in front of the Abbot Hall. The Great Monk Yongxin welcomed overseas disciples to make a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple and delivered a speech. Yandi has become attached to the Shaolin Temple for a long time and often leads American disciples to visit and worship the Shaolin Temple. He vigorously promotes Shaolin Kungfu in America and gives great help in practice of body and mind. There are many Americans to love Shaolin Kungfu. Shaolin Kungfu has a history of 1500 years and has still preserved many excellent Kungfu forms with historical accumulation, which is also the fundamental of the Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Kungfu is broad and profound and has great inclusiveness. Era is developing while Shaolin Kungfu is also enriching itself. Besides some excellent Kungfu forms inherited, the Shaolin Temple also extracts and absorbs excellent Wushu (martial arts) essence from other kinds of martial arts to improve and enrich Shaolin Kungfu so that Shaolin Kungfu could spread far and wide.

In his thank-you speech, Yandi spoke that he became attached to the Shaolin Temple in 1997. It has been more than 20 years until now. He has deep feelings for the Shaolin Temple. He was very grateful to the Great Monk Yongxin’s compassion that he could achieve Shaolin Kungfu changing his whole life. In 20 years, he is insisting on practicing Shaolin Kungfu, starting martial arts gyms, spreading and teaching Shaolin Kungfu, which has made many American people understand and fall in love with the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Kungfu. The results make him very happy. It is a very joyful thing for him to be able to contribute to the Shaolin Temple.

Then 41 students led by Yandi demonstrated Shaolin Kungfu acquired in turn. They were very earnest when performing. They have learned Shaolin Kungfu for a long time in USA. They visited the Shaolin Temple to show their learning achievements and hoped that they could be recognized and disclosed by the Great Monk Yongxin who issued the course-completion certificate of Shaolin Kungfu. After the end of the Shaolin Kungfu show by overseas disciples, Shaolin Kungfu monks also demonstrated the authentic Shaolin Kungfu and set an example for them.

At last, the Great Monk Yongxin issued the course-completion certificate to the overseas disciples and took group photos with delight. (Editor: Zou Xiang, Zhang Hailong)

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