“Shaolin Cultural Week” in the 5th District of Vienna Completes a Successful Closing Ceremony

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On June 30, 2018 local time sponsored by Vienna Shaolin Cultural Center, “Shaolin Cultural Week” in the 5th District of Vienna completed a successful closing ceremony. Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Austria Ding Yazhen and head of Vienna Shaolin Cultural Center Master Yanliang attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech. People attended the closing ceremony including Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Austria Zhang Zhihong, Deputy Head of the 5th district of Vienna and the Culture Secretary Newitze, Former Dean of Beijing Air Force Sanitarium Zhao Chunfeng, President of Austrian Chinese Tourism Association Zhang Cheng, President of Austria-China Cultural Exchange Association Chang Kai and over 100 people from all walks of life.

In the closing ceremony, Master Yanliang represented Shaolin Temple’s Abbot the Great Monk Yongxin to give a warm welcome and good wishes to everyone and expressed thanks to the Chinese Embassy in Austria, the Vienna government, the 5th District government where cultural center is located as well as the local people and the local people, Chinese and overseas Chinese people for their support of Shaolin culture.

After the World Peace Prayer Dharma assembly, Professor Zhao Chunfeng and Master Yanguan, invited by Shaolin culture lovers, conducted seminars of Shaolin Chan Medical Regimen about “the Common Disease Prevention and Self-Care”. Participants at the meeting expressed their benefits successively.

“Shaolin Cultural Week” in the 5th district of Vienna has been successfully held for the six consecutive years. Shaolin culture has become a Chinese culture brand of the 5th district in Vienna. During the one-week cultural presentations, Vienna Shaolin Cultural Center held a series of speeches on Shaolin Chan medical and Shaolin Kungfu. The showcase of picture, Shaolin movie and TV, experiences and empathic learning of Kungfu, Qigong and Chan cultivation as well as activities of the free clinic were warmly welcomed by the public.

The Vienna Shaolin Cultural Center was founded in 2011. The Abbot Shi Yongxin delegated Master Yanliang to conduct Shaolin culture’s propagating activities in Vienna. Since the establishment over the past seven years, carrying forward Buddhism, teaching Shaolin Kungfu and Promoting Chinese culture have been deeply loved by the local people.

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