The Group of Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association Makes the 22nd Pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple

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On April 26, 2018, under the leadership of President Qin Xiping, 13 of Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association made a pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple and received a warm welcome from the Abbot of Shaolin Temple Master Yongxin and monks of Permanent Residence Compound.

The Abbot Yongxin grants certificates for students and takes group photos together

The pilgrimage is Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association’s 22-year worship of Shaolin Temple. Students of Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association and the American branch hoped to trace the origin of Japanese Qigong and attain Emancipation by worshipping the ancestral monastery of Chan. In front of Mahaviro Hall in Shaolin Temple, the Abbot Yongxin granted certificates for pilgrims and gave a dharma talk. The Abbot Yongxin encouraged students to make the effort, do their best to spread Shaolin culture and promote friendly non-governmental exchanges between China and Japan.

The Group of Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association worship Damo Cave

This batch of pilgrims is from American and Japan cities and professions including company white-collar, community leaders and housewives. In the afternoon, the group of Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association went to Damo Cave for worship. They felt the orthodox Shaolin Chan Wu Yi culture and experienced the extraordinary function of Shaolin’s regimen lifestyle. Ms. Matsuura is 87 years old who has worshipped Shaolin Temple and the Damo Cave for 7 years. 

Communicating with Shaolin Temple’s masters, using what they have learned

On April 28, on practice room of Shaolin Temple, representatives of Japanese Shaolin Qigong Association showed Shaolin Qigong and Yoga to Shaolin Temple’s masters and received comments from masters. Students greatly praised Shaolin regimen is authentic and benefit a lot. (Editor: Chan Yue)

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