A Group of Formal President of the Ukraine Yushchenko Visits Shaolin Temple

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On April 28, 2018, at 2:30 pm, a group of formal president of the Ukraine Yushchenko visited Shaolin Temple and received a warm welcome from the Abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Yongxin and monks of the Permanent Residence Compound.

Entering Shaolin Temple, Yushchenko showed a keen interest in Shaolin culture. Accompanied by a volunteer team of masters from Shaolin Temple, the group of Yushchenko visited Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence Compound in a high spirit, listened to Shaolin Temple’s inscriptions and history masters spoke and frequently interacted with masters.

Walking into the Abbot Hall, Yushchenko asked the Abbot Yongxin about the bloodstone relief “the Buddha teaches dharma” in the Abbot Hall and learnt about Shaolin culture. The Abbot Yongxin answered all the questions he asked. After that, the group of Yushchenko gave the Abbot homemade doll, brewed honey and other gifts while the Abbot Yongxin gave gifts in return including Bodhidharma statue and Shaolin scroll paintings.

After watching martial arts performances, Yushchenko said to Shaolin Kungfu monks: it’s great to be here at Shaolin Temple and thanks for your warm hosting of Shaolin Temple. I had hoped to come to Shaolin Temple many times and this time it is able to make trip finally. Here I feel Shaolin Temple’s profound culture and vigorous life and hopes that China and Ukraine could strengthen cultural exchanges and the friendship between China Ukraine is everlasting.

That afternoon, the group of Yushchenko also visited Pagoda Forest in Shaolin Temple and tasted Shaolin vegetarian diet at Pramudita-bhūmi (Huan Xi Di). (Editors: Master Yanyang, Yue Long)

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