Arizona Shaolin Cultural Center Leads Heads of the Nine Local Martial Arts Schools to Make a Pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple

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From April 1 to 7, head of Arizona Shaolin Cultural Center Master Yanqing led nine local Wushu Gymnasiums as a team of study and pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple. They experienced everyday life and Chan cultivation of Shaolin Temple, followed temple’s masters to practice martial arts, eat vegetarian meals together, learned Chan Medicine and Shaolin culture. In the meantime, they received the blessings of the Abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Yongxin, were converted devoutly and received the dharma name with joy. The nine martial arts schools and their respective principals (coaches) are: Modern Arnis Martial Arts and its head Glen Quizaman(dharma name:Yangyun); A Long’s Kung Fu Academy and its head Aaron Williams(dharma name: Yanshao); Little Dragon Kung Fu Martial Arts and its head John Fullen(dharma name: Yanzi); Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and its head Franklin Woods(dharma name Yanyang); Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts and its head Matthew Banks (dharma name: Yankun); Shaolin Quan Xue Federation and its head Timothy Gasper(dharma: Yanfang); Gilbert Defense Arts and its head Casey Paiz(dharma name: Yanguo)as well as the coach Bryan Stockwell(dharma name: Yanhao); Kung Fu West Island and the coach Patrick Fulop(dharma name: Yanjian); Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Las Vegas and its head Shi Xingwei.

Saluting the Great Monk Yongxin

Communicating with the Great Monk Yongxin about what they have learned

Being converted devoutly

Hearing the Great Monk Yongxin’s disclosure

Taking group photos with the Great Monk Yongxin

Taking photos in front of Lixue Pavilion in Shaolin Temple

Experiencing on Chan Farm of Shaolin Temple

Taking photos with delight

During the week-long life and study in Shaolin Temple, they not only studied Buddhist knowledge, experienced Shaolin Chan cultivation and Shaolin Kungfu, but also made morning recitation together with monks as well as went to Shaolin Chan farm to work outdoor. At the time of parting, they all said the studies and experiences benefit them a lot. Conversation gives them the peace of mind and body. Shaolin Temple has becomes their second home and hoped to be able to go home often. The Great Monk Yongxin mentioned that at any time they are welcome back to Shaolin Temple to study and experience. The Abbot hoped that they could widely spread Shaolin culture and benefit more local people. (Written by Zou Xiang; Photos by Master Yanqing)

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