Shaolin Temple USA Gets Good Grades from Chinese Martial Arts Competition in California University

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From Mar. 24 to 25, UC Berkley grandly held the 26 Chinese Martial Arts Competition. The students of Shaolin Temple USA’s subsidiary cultural centers from San Francisco, Fremont and Sunnyvale achieved excellent results in the traditional project competition and won more than 40 gold MEDALS.

On the competition scene 

Chinese Martial Arts Competition in California University is one of the most authoritative Chinese Martial Arts Competition across the United States. Every year, famous martial artists will be invited and served as judges. There are 500 players in each competition including students and international participants across the United States. The first two places will be awarded by competing for the individual and group projects.

Taking photos after winning the awards

This year, Shaolin cultural center’s team consisted of 33 students of different ethnic groups aged between 4 and 60. Coaches from all Shaolin cultural centers led the players to attend the competition. In two days of competition, students from Shaolin cultural centers won 90 MEDALS in traditional boxing and weapons competitions, including 42 gold MEDALS in total and the championship in individual project. In the group project, San Francisco and Fremont Shaolin cultural centers brought back the crown and runner-up awards.


Taking photos with delight

Under the Head of Shaolin Temple USA Master Yanran’s leadership, students’ extracurricular activities and Chinese culture events are rich and colorful, which is popular with students and parents. Since 2018, students have continuously attended the Chinese Spring Festival Celebration of Stanford University, the lunar New Year parade of San Francisco, the Dog Year Garden party of World Journal, Henan provincial party’s performance from Northern California and Chinese Martial Arts in California University. Now they are rehearsing the performance to attend the 3rd Ancestor Worship Ceremony of Overseas Chinese Descendents held in San Francisco on April 8. In addition to serving as the Shaolin Kungfu messengers, in these activities, students benefit a lot in each links of the early training, rehearsing and improvising. The students’ Shaolin Kungfu learning and personal literacy training have been promoted. It is evident from their excellent performance of Chinese Martial Arts Competition of California University. (Editor: Chanyue)

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