Shaolin Monks Worship Ancestors on Qingming Festival to Honor Generations of Founders

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On April 1, 2018, (the sixteenth day of the second lunar month), with the Qingming Festival approaching, the Abbot of Shi Yongxin Master Shi Yongxin led the two order mass to honor generations of founders according to the traditional way that had been followed for thousands of years. Hundreds of the four order disciples rejoiced in the activity.

After the morning chanting, Shaolin monks went to the Pagoda Forest for ancestor worship

After the morning prayers, the Abbot Yongxin led the two order disciples to gather in the Pagoda Forest to sweep the towers for ancestors worship and held the solemn Buddhist Ancestor-worshipping Rite to express the respect for all generations of ancestors. In the quiet and solemn Pagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple, the Abbot Yongxin burned incenses and consecrated the Dharma Assembly. The two orders of monks and laymen sincerely recited Mahayana sutras, chants for the worship of Buddha, offer the sacrifice for worship, hung strings of paper, burned gold paper, etc. to worship and remember ancestors. The dharma assembly followed dharma and discipline and were clear and solemn.

The Abbot Yongxin consecrated Ancestor Worship Rite

It is recorded by Jiangyin County Annals, “On Qingming Festival, people sweep tombs and hang strings of white paper on cypress”. “Hanging strings of paper” is a common folk custom of Qingming Festival. On cypresses of the Pagoda Forest, Shaolin monks hung strings of paper to present that Shaolin Pope door have qualified successors and flourish.

Shaolin monks worshiped ancestors

Taking a group photo with delight

In the peaceful and solemn chanting, Shaolin monks and danapati from ten directions prayed for world peace, sentient beings’ body and mind at east and permanence of Buddhist Dharma. (Editor: Chanyue)

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