Spring Ploughing is in Time on the Chan Tillage Farm of Shaolin Temple

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On Mar. 29, 2018, on the Chan tillage farm, turning the soil, sowing seeds and covering followed the tradition of regarding farming and Chan as equally important as well as the Baizhang Monastic Rules of “Day without a day without food”. Shaolin monks began a new year’s spring ploughing, working and Chan meditation here.

“We adjusted the planting time according to the mountain climate”, “in the old watermelon field, we sown rape first and then turned the soil to sow watermelon, which did not only provid green fertilizer for watermelon, but also avoided heavy stubble”. With years of Chan farming experiences, head of farm of Shaolin Temple Master Yanzi has known planting techniques for mountain crops. Master Yanzi said the crops are watermelon and corn, a total of nine Mu of farmland. Because of the cold weather in the mountains and Buddhism’s conception of compassion without killing, the Chan Tillage Farm of Shaolin Temple has developed a mature method of extensive farming after years of groping. 

The people who came to work this time were masters of Meditation Hall. According to Master Yandian of Meditation Hall in Shaolin Temple, making farming into the Chan is the tradition of Shaolin monks practicing for thousands of years. It is also the important food source of Shaolin Temple Permanent Residence compound. Through the work, that is not only to provide food for the monks, but also to help with practice diligently.

In the morning, the Abbot of Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Shi Yongxin came to the farm to learn about spring ploughing. Accompanied by Master Yanzi, the Abbot Yongxin checked the seed quality, enquired about the planting progress and friendly communicated with the masters who attended spring ploughing. (Editor: Yue Long)

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